Overloaded Truck May Have Caused Bridge Collapse

Many Philadelphia residents may have heard the news today that yesterday’s bridge collapse in Washington state was caused by a semi-truck accident. Apparently, the truck was carrying an oversized load, causing it to strike an overhead bridge girder, which in turn caused the bridge to collapse. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured when two vehicles […]

Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Suit Settles For 26m

A Pennsylvania tractor-trailer driver, a transportation company and a cheese manufacturer were sued last year in a wrongful death lawsuit. The civil action stemmed from a motor vehicle accident in which one person died and two others suffered catastrophic injuries. GLC Transportation reached a pretrial settlement agreement with the family members of the Gettysburg man […]

Truck Driver In Fatal Pennsylvania Accident Was Sleep Deprived

A driver involved in a January 2009 serious truck accident that took the life of a male motorist has pleaded guilty to criminal charges in federal court in Philadelphia. The 58-year-old truck driver could be sentenced to between 10 to 16 months of incarceration for falsifying his truck driving log books required by the U.S. […]

Should Truckers Be Banned From Using Cell Phones

Traffic accidents claim the lives of too many innocent people each year in Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States. Oftentimes the fatal accidents involve large commercial vehicles or trucks with drivers who are speeding, too tired to be driving or distracted by a cell phone or other device. After it was determined that […]

Deadly Pennsylvania Accident Cancels Crash Reduction Event

In a twist of tragic irony, the location where Washington County, Pennsylvania, law enforcement and transportation officials planned to commence a campaign promoting safe driving became the scene of a fatal accident involving four semi-trucks. The accident occurred late Thursday night near the entrance ramp at the Welcome Center on Interstate 70, just outside of […]