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Temporary Workers At Higher Risk Of Workplace Injuries

For many workers who have work that is temporary or are migrant workers, they tend to take the more high risk jobs to take whatever pay they can. However, the conditions that some find themselves in would shock even Workplace Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia.

According to the director at the University of Pennsylvania Transnational Law Center, she found that temporary and migrant workers are often more likely to suffer work place injuries, but less likely to report them or to seek medical assistance for them. Often times, it is these workers who are given the most dangerous jobs with little or no safety precautions. She found that the immigration status is being used against these workers to deny them their full rights or benefits and that often times if the workers try to complain or unionize, they have their status challenged and are sometimes even deported.

For a worker who is a temporary worker, it is often even more difficult to get worker’s compensation when there is an injury. Often, even getting the medication attention required can be difficult because it means admitting to the injury; however that is the first step that often must be taken. After receiving the required medical assistance, the worker should report to the employer exactly what happened. If the employer denies responsibility, then a Pennsylvania Workplace Injuries Lawyer can be consulted as to what the next step should be, which is often that a workers’ compensation lawsuit must be brought. If it appears that the employer had an unsafe work environment, this too can be brought into the suit.

Suffering an injury from working in an unsafe work environment is difficult for any worker, no matter if they are permanent or temporary. Recovering from that injury should be the first priority.

Source: The Raw Story, “Temporary and migrant workers face ‘systemic’ problem of workplace dangers,” David Ferguson, March 28, 2013