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Pa Turnpike Worker Killed Near Philadelphia By Illegal Driver

The PA turnpike can be a dangerous place to drive, as people often speed and pass each other with reckless abandon. However, the situation involving a driver who was driving on a suspended license and ended up killing an older worker is enough to even shock Workplace Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia.

The incident occurred near Philadelphia, on the PA turnpike. A man was driving a 15-ton ton box truck with a suspended license when he crashed into a turnpike maintenance vehicle. The vehicle then hit the 66-year-old turnpike maintenance worker, killing him. In addition, the driver of the maintenance vehicle as well as a passenger in the offending driver’s truck were injured. The driver has since been charged with the death of the worker as well as other related counts.

This incident is a tragedy for all of those who were affected, but most directly, the family of the deceased worker. The family is sure to be trying to recover from such a grievous loss. However, whenever an accident like this occurs, there are often many bills and costs associated, such as funeral costs, medical bills and any other associated costs.

One of the best ways to recoup those costs is to contact a fatal workplace accident lawyer and discuss who can be held responsible for the accident. It is likely that not only the driver, but the owner of the truck, the worker’s employer and possibly others.

Getting over such a terrible tragedy is often incredibly difficult for all involved. Seeking out help is the first step towards recovery.

Source: NBC 10, “Driver Charged in Death of Pa. Turnpike Worker,” Jan. 3, 2013