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Firefighter Reminds Public To Take Burn Injuries Seriously

A recent op-ed article written by a seasoned firefighter explained just how catastrophic burn injuries can be. The firefighter wrote about his experience visiting a colleague who was severely burned on the job. The firefighter said that after years in the field, he should have been familiar to the damages caused by burn injuries. But he said visiting his colleague reminded him just how serious the injuries can be.

The firefighter wrote that even though it appeared his colleague had suffered only minor first- and second-degree burns, which were accompanied by redness and some blistering, the colleague ended up having to be admitted to a burn unit for four days for extensive treatment of his burns. Out of this experience, the firefighter said he learned to never underestimate a burn injury.

Whether a person is burned in a serious accident on-the-job or in a simple cooking blunder, it’s wise to follow basic safety rules to make sure the injury is treated properly. Here are a few basic safety rules the firefighter had to offer:

  1. Following a burn, it’s important to remove all clothing from the affected area.
  2. Then, cool the burned area with plenty of water.
  3. Next, seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  4. Don’t be afraid to call 911 if necessary.
  5. Remember to avoid putting ointments, butter or oil on the wound, and always leave the wound uncovered.

For people who suffer a burn injury on the job, it’s important to report the injury right away to a manager so that it can be documented for a possible workers’ compensation claim. It’s also important to have the wound inspected by a medical professional so that the medical record can be used in a potential workers’ compensation claim or personal injury case.


Source: The Daily Californian, “DOUG GREENER: Never underestimate a burn injury,” Doug Greener, Apr. 21 2013