Safety Group Warns That Fatalities Will Rise If Policy Is Ignored

For about a decade, the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country were on the decline. However, according to preliminary data from 2012, highway fatalities are starting to rise and safety advocates warn that they could keep going up unless action is taken. In fact, last month the […]

Worker Killed In Philadelphia Water Tower Fall

A scaffolding collapse at a worksite just outside of Philadelphia led to two workers hanging from an empty water tower while awaiting rescue. Unfortunately, one of the workers plummeted to his death before he could be saved. The other hung by a safety harness for three hours before being brought down. The 100-foot-tall water tower […]

Wrongful Death Suit Filed After Philadelphia Construction Accident

A Philadelphia father of four died last year from injuries he sustained during a fall at work. The man’s widow has filed a wrongful death claim against her husband’s employer and several other parties connected to the construction site accident. Defendants include the manufacturer and retailer of a reciprocating saw that allegedly fell apart in the victim’s […]

Many Motorists Disregard Risks Of Texting While Driving

Over the past few years, it has become clear that texting and driving can be a deadly combination. It has been estimated that as many as 16,000 people died in car accidents between 2001 and 2007 because of such reckless behavior. A percentage of these accidents occurred in Pennsylvania. This alarming data, however, does not […]

Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Suit Settles For 26m

A Pennsylvania tractor-trailer driver, a transportation company and a cheese manufacturer were sued last year in a wrongful death lawsuit. The civil action stemmed from a motor vehicle accident in which one person died and two others suffered catastrophic injuries. GLC Transportation reached a pretrial settlement agreement with the family members of the Gettysburg man […]

More Safety Features In Cars Attribute To Lower Death Toll

Anyone who has been hurt or has lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident often wishes the events of that fateful day never happened. However, deaths from motor vehicle accidents have dropped 25 percent since 2005 as a result of several factors, including improvement in the safety of vehicles produced. In recent years, manufacturers […]

Lawsuits Could Spark After Philadelphia Warehouse Fire

One Philadelphia firefighter had been on the job for five years, joining the force when he was just 20. The other was a 60-year-old veteran, nearing retirement from a dangerous job where serious burn injuries and death are constant threats. Both men lost their lives last month fighting a five-alarm fire at an abandoned warehouse […]

Woman Killed In Bizarre Accident On Philadelphia Turnpike

Everyone knows that wearing a seatbelt is the best way to stay safe while traveling in a motor vehicle. But sometimes even a seatbelt isn’t enough to protect a motorist from a catastrophic motor vehicle accident. On Saturday, a suburban Philadelphia woman appears to simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time […]

Driver Killed Workers Injured On Closed Philadelphia Bridge

A tragic accident in South Philadelphia has left a 32-year-old driver dead and at least two construction workers injured. According to officials, the accident occurred around 1:30 a.m. Monday on Platt Bridge, which was closed at the time for repairs. Officials say that the driver passed the bridge closure signs and smashed into maintenance equipment […]

Worker Fatally Crushed At Pennsylvania Mushroom Plant

Workplace accidents are far too common in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Many times, dangerous workplaces are to blame. When this is the case, the injured workers or their families are sometimes able to bring personal injury lawsuits against the employer or a negligent third party. An industrial accident at a mushroom processing plant in Avondale, Pennsylvania, […]

Study Headphone Usage Leads To Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are a problem in Philadelphia, like in many areas of the United States. At least one study suggests that the popularity of iPods and other electronic listening devices in recent years has contributed to the growing number of people on foot being hit by automobiles and trains. An associate professor at the University […]

More Tragic Details Released In Fatal Christmas House Fire

Last week, we wrote about the heartbreaking house fire that killed five family members of a well-known advertising executive on Christmas Day. Well, another tragic twist of the story has just been released. Officials told The Associated Press that the fire, which led to the needless death of three children and their grandparents, had ignited […]