Police Weekend Tour Bus Crashed Caused By Blown Tire

Police have determined that a bus crash involving a tour bus that was traveling from Philadelphia to New York was caused by a tire blowout. A total of 14 passengers were injured when the crash occurred in New Jersey on Interstate 29 near mile marker 59 just before 3 p.m. on Saturday. According to reports, […]

First Wrongful Death Suit Filed In Wake Of Paulsboro Train Wreck

On Nov. 30, 2012, a train derailment in South Jersey made national headlines when 84 train cars derailed on a bridge and spilled toxic materials into the Mantua Creek below. Hundreds of businesses and residences in the Paulsboro, New Jersey, area had to be evacuated so that the mess could be cleaned up. Now, a […]

First Responders Say They Werent Equipped For Dangerous Chemicals

When a train car derailment resulted in a spill of dangerous chemicals into the air and waterways, first responders sought to protect surrounding individuals through evacuations and other safety measures. But those first responders, which included dozens of firefighters, now say they weren’t adequately equipped with the devices necessary to respond to the accident effectively. In […]

Lawsuit Filed In Philadelphia Over Paulsboro Train Wreck

A freight train derailment that spilled toxic materials into a water way and forced the evacuation of various businesses and residences in the Paulsboro, New Jersey, area has yielded its first personal injury lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court on behalf of 54 residents who claim that they suffered injuries resulting […]

Nj Train Accident May Be Related To Signal Malfunctions

On Friday, a train derailment in Paulsboro, New Jersey, created a hazardous chemical spill. Soon after, officials announced that the derailment may be connected to problems with the train signal at the point of the accident. According to the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, crew members have been reporting that the radio code […]

Unborn Child Killed In Crash Involving Philadelphia Man

Police have not yet filed charges in relation to a three-vehicle crash that hospitalized five people and claimed the life of an unborn child. The tragic motor vehicle accident occurred on Saturday evening along Route 73 in Evesham, New Jersey. Police reports say a 61-year-old Philadelphia man was driving northbound, possibly at a high rate of […]

Loss Of Four Teens In Car Accident Shakes Community

School is back in session in Pennsylvania which means that the football season has also kicked off. But what is usually the most exciting time of the year for student athletes and fans turned extremely tragic for a New Jersey community that lost four high school football players in a fatal SUV rollover accident last […]

Family Of Girl Killed In Ferris Wheel Fall May Sue

Many people from the Philadelphia area venture to the Jersey shore during the summer months for fun on the amusement piers. However, on June 3, the fun came to an abrupt halt when an 11-year-old girl fell from a 156-foot-high Ferris wheel on Wildwood boardwalk and died. This week, it was reported that the parents […]