Lawsuit Against School Could Challenge Pennsylvania Damages Cap

In January 2007, a tragic accident involving a school bus at a suburban Philadelphia school left a young woman in a medically induced coma and a leg amputation. The accident occurred when a bus crashed into a group of students that had just been let out of Pennsbury High School. According to an investigation by […]

Penn State Faces Civil Lawsuits In Wake Of Sandusky Sex Crimes

The Penn State University scandal involving the sexual abuse of children by the one-time assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky could result in the school paying millions to settle personal injury lawsuits. So far, three civil lawsuits have been filed against Penn State, charging that the school was negligent by failing to protect the children on its premises. […]

Building Collapses In Center City Philadelphia With 2 People Trapped Inside

A vacant building on 22nd and Market Avenue collapsed Wednesday morning. Over a dozen people have already been rescued with two people are still trapped in the rubble with desperate rescue efforts underway. Police said it appears the collapse was a result of a industrial accident. The Cherry Injury Law Firm thoughts and prayers are […]

Lawsuit Filed In Philadelphia Over Paulsboro Train Wreck

A freight train derailment that spilled toxic materials into a water way and forced the evacuation of various businesses and residences in the Paulsboro, New Jersey, area has yielded its first personal injury lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court on behalf of 54 residents who claim that they suffered injuries resulting […]

Distractions A Common Cause Of Philadelphia Pedestrian Accidents

With increasing regularity, pedestrians are crossing roadways while focusing their senses on texting, talking on the phone, listening to music or being otherwise distracted by their personal technology, and the trend is having a noticeable impact on the pedestrian accidents being seen in Philadelphia and nationally. According to a recent study, more than 26 percent […]

Nj Train Accident May Be Related To Signal Malfunctions

On Friday, a train derailment in Paulsboro, New Jersey, created a hazardous chemical spill. Soon after, officials announced that the derailment may be connected to problems with the train signal at the point of the accident. According to the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, crew members have been reporting that the radio code […]

Philadelphia Man Sues Comcast After Bus Accident

Late last month, a Philadelphia man who was injured when a Comcast Cable truck slammed into the back of the bus he was riding on filed suit against the truck’s driver, the cable service provider and its affiliates. The personal injury lawsuit charges the defendants with accuses the defendants with carelessness, negligence and recklessness because […]

New Technology Shows Promise In Treatment Of Spinal Cord Injuries

A university-led stem cell research trial on three patients with spinal cord injuries has yielded extremely promising results. The patients had complete spinal cord injuries, meaning they were all injured in the thoracic, or chest region, of their spines. Additionally, they were all paralyzed and did not have any neurological function below their injuries. The […]

In Midst Of Lawsuits Nfl Donates To Brain Injury Research

Over the past year or so, we’ve been covering the personal injury lawsuits that have been filed against the National Football League by former players who now suffer from brain injuries. Thousands of retired players have sued the league, alleging that NFL officials knew how dangerous concussions are, but failed to warn or protect the […]

Trampoline Parks Cause A Jump In Serious Spinal Injuries

Trampoline parks seem like fun to most kids and maybe even some adults. But failure to take reasonable safety precautions can lead to serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries, according to a recent report by CNN. For example, a 17-year-old boy who went to a trampoline park in April was turned from an active athlete […]