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Pennsylvania Construction Worker Falls Off Ladder Drops 12 Feet

Philadelphia residents working in the construction business may view a recent accident in western Pennsylvania an instructive example of the dangers that exist on construction sites. A Philadelphia construction accident attorney is also a good resource for information regarding this sort of construction site accident.

Not long ago, a male construction worker, who was considered a subcontractor, fell 12 feet off a ladder that was set up in a stairwell while working a construction job. The ladder began to shift and the worker was unable to stabilize it. As he hit the ground, the worker suffered non-life threatening injuries to his left hip and leg.

There were no elevators inside the building, so an emergency crew carried the injured construction worker down the stairs from the fourth floor. The man was transported to an area hospital.

If this type of accident happened in a more traditional work setting it might be thought of as simply a workers’ compensation issue. However, construction sites are unique due to multiple parties, many of whom are subcontractors, working at the site at the same time. When an accident is caused by the negligence of a non-employer third party, the injured construction worker may seek additional compensation through a liability claim, in addition to workers’ compensation.

In some cases, the cause of a construction worker’s injury is the result of an equipment manufacturer’s negligence. In the wake of this particular accident, it may be beneficial to investigate whether there was a defect or other safety issue with the ladder. This would be another example of a third-party liability claim that could help the worker cope with the consequences of his injuries.

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