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Pennsylvania Company Fined For Construction Workers Death

Whenever anyone is killed, for any reason, it is always a tragedy. However, it does not take a Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorney to know that if a truck is overloaded, there is always a chance that someone will get injured, or even killed.

This was the unfortunate case for one 29-year-old worker back in September. A vehicle was loverloaded with approximates 12,860 pounds of concrete. Because of that, the barriers on the vehicle fell, and the victim was crushed to death. OSHA considered this a serious violation and the company responsible, HRI Inc., was fined for the violations. The fine itself was only $3,825, but the company was ordered to correct other issues that were related to the accident, make sure the operators of trained properly and adhere to the proper limits for loading.

An injured construction worker often faces two difficult tasks when recovering. The first is of course the physical side, having to be sidelined and have to recover from what is usually a rather serious injury. The second is trying to collection workers compensation while he recovers. This is often difficult as the insurance company and employer will try to limit the recovery as much as possible. It is even more difficult if the worker is killed, and the family is trying to recover. As such, a construction accident lawsuit usually must be brought to ensure a fair recovery. To ensure that recovery, once the worker’s health is taken care of, he, or his family, should seek assistance with the financial side as soon as possible.

Recovering from a construction accident is never easy, and, if the worker is killed in the process, it is extremely difficult for the family. Seeking out assistance with the loss is usually an important step in the process.

Source: The Express-Times, “Pa. construction business fined for violations related to employee death in Bethlehem,” Sarah M Wojcik, March 14, 2013.