Bucks County Teen Staying Positive After Bus Crash

A Bucks County student is attempting to adapt to life in a wheelchair after a bus accident in February left his paralyzed from the chest down. The accident occurred in Boston and involved a busload of Philadelphia-area teens who had been on a tour at Harvard University. The accident occurred on Feb. 2 when the […]

Report Teen Driving Fatalities Up Drastically Last Year

A scary new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association indicates that highway fatalities involving teens in the United States increased by 19 percent during the first half of 2012. Overall, highway fatalities increased by 8 percent during the same time period. The report indicated that there were 240 highway fatalities involving drivers ages 16 […]

Philadelphia Drowning Victims Family Files Wrongful Death Suit

The parents of a Philadelphia teen who drowned while trying to save a friend in the Delaware River have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a commercial development firm and its subsidiaries. The plaintiffs claim that the company had a duty to safely maintain their property for the public, who are welcome to use the property. […]

Study Reveals Risk Passengers Pose To Teen Drivers

Many states, including Pennsylvania, have developed graduated licensing programs that restrict the number of passengers teen drivers can carry in their vehicles. Teenagers might gripe about the laws, but a new study has revealed just how dangerous it is for teen drivers to be surrounded by friends in a vehicle. The study by AAA’s safety […]

Family Sues Penndot After Teen Killed In Car Wreck

Most of us will be involved in a motor vehicle accident at some point in our lives. Sometimes, the accidents are caused by the negligence of another person. Other times, the negligence of a state agency or another entity is to blame. This is what the family of a boy who was killed in December […]

Teen Dies In Fatal Construction Site Accident

Undoubtedly, construction sites are dangerous places. This is why adhering to safety procedures and properly training all construction workers in safety protocol is of utmost importance. Any Pennsylvania construction company that fails to promote safety will be placing its workers in serious danger of work-related injuries and sometimes even wrongful death from a construction site […]