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Teen Dies In Fatal Construction Site Accident

Undoubtedly, construction sites are dangerous places. This is why adhering to safety procedures and properly training all construction workers in safety protocol is of utmost importance. Any Pennsylvania construction company that fails to promote safety will be placing its workers in serious danger of work-related injuries and sometimes even wrongful death from a construction site accident.

Whether that was the case in the recent death of a young construction worker will be the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Though the facts reported are sparse, the 18-year-old somehow suffered fatal injuries while working on a construction site. The accident, which occurred in South Carolina, involved a back-hoe, but it was not reported whether he was operating the heavy equipment or if another worker was in control when he suffered the fatal injuries.

It is possible that whoever was operating the back hoe was not properly trained or was not instructed on safety procedures concerning the proper use of a back hoe. If this is the case, then the construction company may be held responsible for violating safety standards resulting in this young man’s wrongful death.

This story is just one example illustrating one of the many dangers surrounding construction sites. Heavy equipment on construction sites can lead to serious and fatal injuries if they are not operated by experienced and properly trained employees.

Hopefully, the outcome of OSHA’s investigation will lead to increased vigilance when it comes to safety on construction sites by all construction businesses.

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