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Effects Of New Healthcare Act On Workers Comp Still Unclear

Many, if not all Philadelphia residents at this point are aware of the new revisions that have been put into place regarding healthcare. However, not many experts, much less normal Americans, know how it will affect Workers Compensation Settlements.

One benefit is that the focus on preventative care and staying well could have a long term benefit because it means workers will likely stay healthier and potentially not suffer from as many chronic illnesses. However, this is also accompanied by more people who will be willing to see doctors, as well as a potential doctor shortage. What this means is that while on the one hand, it may drive down costs because people may be healthier, on the other hand, it may make it more difficult to find the needed help. Also, a new tax on medical devices may end up raising the costs that are passed on to the worker, meaning higher premiums or an insurer that is less likely to settle.

Ultimately, there will be a new status quo once everyone understands the new rules. Still, during that time, people’s opinion of the way the laws should operate will be in flux which means it will likely be harder to obtain a settlement for a worker alone. This means, if a worker is injured, he is likely to need the assistance of a Worker’s Compensation Settlement Attorney. An attorney is more likely to understand what a worker is entitled to with a settlement and will be able to talk with the employer or the insusrance company if necessary to esnure a payout as quickly as possible.

After being injured on the job, the last thing a worker or his family will want to do is have to fight for the right to seek out treatment. With assistance, that fight will be as short as possible so the worker can focus on rehabilitation.

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