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Philadelphia Workers Face Hurdles When Trying To Restart Work

The first thing a worker can feel when he applies for worker’s compensation is that he has an uphill battle to fight in order to get paid. Getting a workers’ compensation settlement can be harder than the job where the injury was caused, since it can seem like things are not moving in the worker’s favor.

Philadelphia workers who have felt this way are not alone. In some cases, employers are very supportive of their employees and come forth with workers’ compensation benefits without much trouble. This is why employers do not always have to be viewed as antagonistic.

Perhaps one of the best ways to support injured employees is to make sure solid return-to-work program in place in order for the worker to get back to work faster. Many employers understand the benefits of getting workers back faster and in a more positive manner.

Unfortunately, not all employers provide necessary for employees, including programs in place to help people get back to work. Because of this, even though employers may want to work with employees, it is not always an easy transition. In fact, not all workers even realize they are entitled to certain benefits, including replacement income, costs associated with retraining and compensation for permanent injuries. Workers may not have a full understanding of their rights without trustworthy advice.

When a Philadelphia worker is injured, seeking help from a worker’s compensation attorney can clarify some of the ever-increasing difficulty in receiving help. That is often the first step in getting back to work.

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