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Workers Compensation Rates Down In Pennsylvania

For anyone in Pennsylvania who has worker’s compensation through their job, there is good news: the rates are dropping throughout the state. This also hopefully means that trying to get a workers compensation settlement might be a bit easier as there are less costs involved.

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department recently reported that a rate reduction will likely be put into place very soon. Overall, it is believed to be a 4 percent decrease for employers, and this could save as much as $110 million. This will certainly vary by employer as well as some other extenuating factors, such as previous claims and the payroll, so not all employers will experience the decrease equally. The insurance typically provides for any medical bills and lost wages on behalf of an injured worker, and benefits for a worker’s dependents if the worker is killed.

Any worker’s compensation settlement attorney knows that many times trying to get workers compensation from an employer can be difficult. A worker who has just been injured has to try to get through a difficult bureaucracy to try to apply for the workers compensation, and even if that is done correctly the employer or insurance company can contest it or even deny it, forcing the worker to start all over with the paperwork. And all of this takes place while the employee is trying to recover from an injury. It is best to try to start the process as soon as possible, to be able to get a settlement as soon as possible.

Dealing with an injury is hard enough for most people. Knowing the options with worker’s compensation is often a good step towards recovery.

Source: ABC 27, “Pa. workers’ compensation rates drop, state says,” March 28, 2013