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Near Philadelphia Workers Fighting For Compensation

In today’s world, even workers’ compensation is sold to the lowest bidder. When dealing with massive companies and the third parties that they hire, trying to figure out who is actually supposed to pay for a workers’ compensation settlement can make even a workers’ compensation settlement attorney’s head spin.

Amazon recently opened a large warehouse near Philadelphia for many part-time workers. If those workers are injured or miss time for any reason, they are typically laid off immediately. Amazon has a third party who runs the workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation benefits hearings, which is known for having more appeal hearings than any other company in the state. This is because this party tends to fight very hard to not have to pay out workers’ compensation settlements or unemployment compensation. This is one way, the entity claims, to keep costs down so it can stay “competitive.” What it results in is workers having to practically beg for $100-$200 a week in benefits.

If workers are laid off or forced to take time off from work for any reason, they too could have to deal with third party companies that are trying to keep their costs down as low as possible. This often makes getting the benefits that workers deserve almost impossible without a worker’s compensation settlement attorney. With assistance, the worker will typically have a much better chance at getting the deserved benefits.

Being laid off for injury is never easy an easy situation for workers to deal with. In addition, being told that an employee’s benefits request was denied is even more difficult. Getting the proper legal help is one of the best ways to ensure that workers’ benefits are secured in a timely and efficient manner.

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