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Philadelphia Motor Vehicle Accidents Spike During Holidays

The holiday season sends many individuals and families out onto the roadways to return home and/or visit family. Unfortunately, this increased activity can be perilous when many drivers are exhibiting aggressive behaviors or are inattentive to the risks present on roadways.

According to AAA, 90 percent of holiday travelers will make their commutes via automobile, and the hazards they face may not be what you would expect. Many drivers will be embarking down unfamiliar roads, including smaller highways, and will be unfamiliar with the particular dangers of those routes.

Some drivers will be tired from long weeks of work and travel preparations, increasing the risk of drowsy driving. And inevitably, there will be more drunk drivers on the roads.

One positive for drivers is that roadway congestion figures to be less this year than in the past. With the economy still recessed and fuel prices remaining high, families will be more inclined to stay home this year than in years past. That will hopefully decrease the number of roadway fatalities, which correlate pretty strongly to the number of cars on the roads.

Still, the risk for motor vehicle accidents in Philadelphia and elsewhere remains high. Therefore, drivers should be mindful of the increased congestion as well as their own risk factors such as driving while tired or exhibiting speeding and other aggressive behaviors.

The holidays often inspire stressed and rushed behaviors, but these can turn deadly behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Take the necessary precautions to increase your chances of making it safely to the Thanksgiving table.

Source: USA Today, “Thanksgiving week one of the deadliest on the highway,” Larry Copeland, Nov. 18, 2012