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Lawsuit Filed Over Philadelphia Construction Site Accident

A laborer has filed a lawsuit against multiple entities, including the City of Philadelphia, after a construction site accident involving a forklift collision with another vehicle resulted in several bone fractures.

According to the filing, the man was operating a forklift at the location of a new downtown convention center when the forklift ran over water and started to skid, eventually striking another worksite vehicle.

The man suffered multiple bodily injuries and also aggravated pre-existing injuries and conditions. The injuries resulted in significant financial losses due to necessary treatment and care for the injuries. The worker also expects to owe further bills due to future medical and rehabilitative expenses.

In the filing, the lawsuit accuses a handful of organizations of carelessness, negligence and/or recklessness in failing to maintain a safe work site, as well as a failure to provide adequate warnings to workers about the safety of the premises. The groups were also cited for failing to block off work areas to prevent rain, snow and ice from accumulating.

In addition to the medical bills, the lawsuit notes that the workers has suffered a great deal, experiencing sickness and other anguish, and will continue to suffer into the future for an undetermined period lasting at least as long as his rehabilitation.

The worker is seeking $50,000 in damages, as well as coverage for his attorney’s fees and costs. So far, none of the organizations named in the lawsuit have commented publicly on the matter. The lawsuit was filed earlier this month.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Pa. Convention Center sued by injured forklift operator,” Jon Campisi, Nov. 16, 2012