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Workplace Accident In Philadelphia Leaves Four People Injured

Working certain types of jobs typically comes with some level of risk. However, it does not take a Philadelphia Job Site Injury Attorney to understand that working in construction increases the chance for injury from workplace accidents, no matter how careful the workers are.

In North Philadelphia, four workers unfortunately learned the hard way that construction is a dangerous business. They were working on a warehouse that was under construction when it partially collapsed, resulting in injuries to four people. A 23-year-old man suffered a leg injury, a 47-year-old man had chest pains and an 83-year-old man received a back injury. The fourth man suffered unknown injuries. The injuries appeared to be non-life-threatening, but all were taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Federal workplace safety officials were also at the scene.

There are many different types of workplace accidents that can result in everything from minor injuries to fatalities. No matter what the injuries are though, if they happened at work the employer should cover them, and workers compensation should be paid. However, many times either the employer or the insurance provider will challenge the injuries, no matter how serious. In such a case, a worker could benefit from seeking out third party assistance, like a Philadelphia workplace accidents lawyer. An exeperienced attorney can help make sure that the worker receives any and all assistance he is entitled to while he recovers.

Recovering from a workplace injury is often a difficult process. Making sure that workers compensation is paid should not be difficult, but often can be. Seeking out assistance is often the best way to be sure that recovery can happen as quickly as possible.

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