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Fatal Accident At Pennsylvania Printing Plant

Most workers expect that at any type of plant where there is production, that there is always the chance of injury. However, the record at a particular tow motor plant may be enough to shock even a Philadelphia Job Site Injury Attorney at the amount of accidents.

A tow motor plant’s third fatal accident in 11 years has cost a 53 year- old worker his life. He was killed by “multiple traumatic injuries” and the death was ruled accidental. The last two fatal accidents at the plant were in 2006 and in 2002. The citations for this firm go back to 1995, when the plant was cited for eight violations. The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration is currently investigating this accident. OSHA stated the investigation could take up to six months to determine the exact cause of the fatal accident.

Workplace accidents happen all too often in the manufacturing and industrial world. Often times, those accidents are accidental, but sometimes it is because the employer failed to make the work place as safe as it should have been. When the injury or death falls into those types of workplace accidents, an attorney oftentimes will get involved to ensure that a proper settlement for the injured or deceased worker’s family is received. Once a lawsuit is brought, it can be used to recover for lost income, pain and suffering the family had to endure, medical bills, funeral costs and any other costs associated with the accident.

The loss of a loved one for any reason is often extremely difficult for the family to bear. When that loved one is the primary earner for the family, it is made even more difficult. Pennsylvania residents facing these challenging circumstances should seek out answers and make sure their rights are protected.

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