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Massive Workplace Accident Causes 15 Deaths And 100s Of Injuries

Oftentimes, some of the worst accidents are those that are not expected or even foreseen by those that suffer from them. However, the magnitude of the damage, injuries and death caused by a recent explosion at a fertilizer plant would likely be enough to shock a Philadelphia job site injury attorney.

The accident is estimated to have injured at least 180 people and killed at least fifteen more. In addition to those people injured or killed, there was an incalculable amount of damage. The factory where the accident took place was destroyed, as well as many buildings around the blast area and many homes. Even after the explosion took place, it was not clear as to why it happened. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board had a team onsite shortly after the accident and is trying to discern the cause. Prior to this accident, there had been no major accidents and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had not been required for an inspection in 28 years.

Of the many types of workplace accidents, large scale accidents are often the most difficult to recover from. This is due not only to the potential amount of injuries and death, but also because the family of the victims and the entire community feels the effects of the accident. From the perspective of the family, this can often make it even harder to recover because so many people are touched by the tragedy. From a financial perspective, it also makes it harder on the family because it means that any type of settlement will likely take that much longer and be that much harder to recover due to the magnitude of the event.

Getting relief for an accident is often very difficult for a family that is trying to grieve and recover. But getting the right information can make the recovery more straightforward.

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