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Contractor Suffers Severe Burns In Philadelphia Row Home Collapse

Oftentimes when working in a building that is very close to others, such as a row home, there is a chance that when there is an issue with one, others may become affected as well. This was demonstrated with disastrous results recently with a set of row homes.

A contractor was working in a Philadelphia row home when a gas leak caused an explosion. One row house collapsed from this explosion and left eight people injured, including two infants and one contractor. The contractor was working on a water heater in the basement of the home that was destroyed. He was hospitalized and is currently in critical condition with severe burns, according to a statement from the mayor’s office. Further, a car was crushed when bricks flew onto the street from the collapse. Initially 70 home were evacuated until the exact nature of the incident was understood.

Sometimes, when workers are injured on the job, they are able to quickly file a claim with the employer, receive workers compensation benefits and then get back to health and continue working. However, sometimes the situation is not that simple. The worker may only receive a small amount of benefits, or the claim may be denied entirely. In either of those situations, a Philadelphia Job Site Injury Attorney is likely required to assist the worker in receiving a proper amount. This can often be done by negotiating a new settlement and if need be, a lawsuit. Either way, though it may take some time, the worker may be in a much better position.

A worker recovering after a workplace accident should only have to focus on the physical recovery. However, help is sometimes needed to ensure that is the case.

Source: USA Today, “Philadelphia row house collapses, injuring 8,” July 29, 2013