Lawsuit Against School Could Challenge Pennsylvania Damages Cap

In January 2007, a tragic accident involving a school bus at a suburban Philadelphia school left a young woman in a medically induced coma and a leg amputation. The accident occurred when a bus crashed into a group of students that had just been let out of Pennsbury High School. According to an investigation by […]

Glitches Derail Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Claims

Philadelphia workers who have been injured on the job may find themselves in company with hundreds of other Pennsylvanians whose workers’ compensation cases have been languishing in a technological no-man’s-land since early September. The new software, designed to bring claims filing and processing up to date, has instead created a snarl out of the process. […]

Candy Billionaire To Be Charged With Misdemeanor In Fatal Crash

One of the richest women in the world faces a misdemeanor reckless driving charge for her part in a fatal car accident on Oct. 4 in Virginia. Police records show that Jacqueline Badger Mars, co-owner of Mars Inc., a candy company, told a witness she’d fallen asleep at the wheel just before the crash. Six […]

Septa Buses Involved In Three Separate Accidents On Same Night

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, Philadelphia saw three bus accidents within three hours involving SEPTA buses. At least seven people were injured that evening. The first accident occurred when the route 47 bus was traveling south on 8th Street at approximately 8:00 p.m. and was struck by a vehicle near Vine Street, according to SEPTA. Officials […]

Lawsuit Claims Spill At Armstrong Caused Neurological Disorder

In 2003, a Lancaster man was asked to help clean up a chemical spill at his job. Less than six months later he would find himself permanently disabled. What started off as a persistent cough and a blinding headache would land him in a nursing home with toxic encephalopathy, a Parkinson’s-like, degenerative brain disorder. Armstrong […]

High School Football Star In Coma From Head Injury

It’s football season here in Philadelphia and across the nation, but it’s not all drills, touchdowns, and the thrill of victory. Philadelphia residents may be interested in this recent incident of a Chicago high school star’s traumatic brain injury (TBI). It’s a prospect that every player, parent and coach dreads. Lane Tech, a college prep […]

Burn Injuries Occurring To Children Can Be Catastrophic

Serious burn injuries are often catastrophic, no matter what their cause. Not only do serious burn injuries cause an immense amount of pain, they also usually require several surgeries to treat. These surgeries can be expensive and the recovery time can consume years of a person’s life. Burin injuries can be especially tragic when they […]

Data Shows Increase In Construction Industry Fatalities

A preliminary report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that workplace fatalities within the construction industry were on the rise in 2012 despite an overall decline in worker deaths. The Bureau reported that there were 4,383 total workplace fatalities in 2012 compared to 4,693 in 2011, which represents a small decline. However, the number […]

Changes Recommended In Wake Of Philadelphia Building Collapse

In the wake of the tragic Philadelphia building collapse that occurred in June and left six people dead and many others seriously injured, a committee of City Council members has recommended many changes to the current methods in place for regulating demolitions and other construction projects. The July building collapse occurred when a portion of […]

So Far Nhlers Not Following Suit In Wake Of Nfl Settlement

This summer, the National Football League agreed to pay $765 million to thousands of former players who suffered concussion-related injuries during their tenure with the league. The lawsuits alleged that NFL officials knew that repeat concussions could lead to serious brain injuries but did nothing to protect the players. Now, the Philadelphia personal injury lawyer […]