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Firm Near Philadelphia Fined For Osha Violations

Most workers, when dealing with construction work or other types of jobs know there is some risk involved with the work they are doing. However, they should also be able to expect their employers to be taking every precaution they can to protect those workers. However, it doesn’t take Workplace Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia to know that is not always the case.

One firm near Philadelphia was just fined over $20,000 from Occupational Safety and Health Administration for three different violations. The largest violation, resulting in a $15,400 fine was for “willful failure to protect employees from falls while working above the ground”. A local director of OSHA stated that “falls are among the most common causes of work-related injuries and deaths” and for the company to fail to protect its workers from such an accident was negligent. The other two violations had a combined penalty of $5,280. The firm had 15 days to respond after being fined however, at the time of writing, there had been no response.

Even when workers are properly protected from injuries, they could still happen. When they do, employers will often skirt responsibility as much as they can and the insurance company will not always accept liability for a claim either. When that happens and a worker needs assistance, a Pennsylvania Workplace Injuries Lawyer can bring a lawsuit for workers compensation. Often times to bring the suit, the worker should make sure to have as much information as he can regarding the accident, injuries and any bills and costs associated with the accident.

Recovering from a workplace injury is often a long and grueling process, no matter the strength of the worker. Seeking out assistance is often a good way to ensure the recovery can happen as quickly as possible.

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