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Avodart Will Not Be Used To Treat Prostate Cancer

Recently, Glaxo SmithKline reported that they will no longer seek approval to sell Avodart as a preventive for prostate cancer. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer the drug cannot be used for prostate-tumor reduction because a study showed that patients developed dangerous forms of prostate cancer.

GSK announced on March 23 that it will no longer pursue global approval for the use of Avodart to prevent prostate cancer and will work with regulatory agencies to remove the indication from the label. They will also help doctors to communicate with their patients about the drug.

The study that was done by the New England Journal of Medicine said that patients using the drug developed dangerous forms of prostate cancer within four years. If you were taking Avodart and experienced serious side effects, you would be advised to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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