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Safety Key To Controlling Workers Compensation Costs

Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system is supposed to protect workers by providing significant benefits to employees who are injured on the job. Unfortunately, the reality for many injured workers falls far from the ideal.

Companies fund the state’s workers’ compensation system. Every time a claim is made, their costs go up. To keep costs down, many companies are reluctant to pay out. Injured workers often need the help of a Philadelphia job site injury attorney to get the benefits they deserve.

Workers’ comp is created within each state as no-fault liability insurance that will cover the many costs associated with a workplace accident. Under this no-fault liability program, an employee will receive compensation for on on-the-job injury, even if the employee bears some of the responsibility for causing it. The goal of every program is actually to reduce disputes and litigation as a result of work-related injuries, thus clearing the court system and reducing costs for the employers and employees.

However, despite the many benefits of the worker’s comp system, there is a high cost to employers who participate in it. There are a number of factors contributing to the rising cost of workers’ compensation, but ultimately, the onus for controlling benefit costs is on the employer.

According to some experts, part of the problem is that open cases are not being closely monitored, leaving some workers to collect benefits longer than they should. Employers can help eliminate these overflows by communicating with employees who are receiving benefits on a regular basis in order to encourage them to return to work. Research indicates that a worker’s comp case costs less when employees return to work quickly.

On the other hand, however, encouraging an employee to return to work prematurely may be dangerous if the employee has not fully recovered. Ironically, a premature return to work could increase an employer’s cost if the employee aggravates a healing injury or, on the other hand, suffers a new injury because he or she was not able to return to the job safely. Employers should do all they can to make sure the employee gets the help they need to heal completely so they can return to work.

The best way for employers to cut costs is by improving workplace safety practices. In addition to posting safety instructions and appropriate warnings, employers can help their employees stay safe by making sure their employees receive proper safety training and providing them with adequate safety gear.

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