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Firefighters Suffer Injuries In Philadelphia Because Of Weather

Firefighters expect to suffer extreme conditions from the heat while working on the job and, to some extent, expect some degree of injuries because of those fires. However, even workplace injury lawyers in Philadelphia would be surprised to learn that a couple firefighters suffered injuries because of the frigid weather.

In Philadelphia, a fire broke out around the 3000 block of Whitehall Road. Four of the residents were able to make it out of the home safely, while three were injured because they jumped out of a second story window in order to escape. Firefighters came on to the scene to fight the fire. During that time, two of the firefighters were injured because they slipped on the ice while trying to fight the fire. In addition, the firefighters were having difficulties fighting the fire because the hoses and ladders were freezing so quickly from the frigid air. The injured residents are expected to make full recoveries. Hospital personnel treated the injured firefighters and then released them from the hospital.

Often times, even when a worker is being incredibly careful, injuries can still occur, especially in hazardous working environments. Often times, especially for fire fighters, some injuries are expected on the job. However, in some extreme cases, when injuries are so severe, that the worker is not able to go back to work or is killed as a result of a fatal workplace accident, the injuries cannot be anticipated.

In situations like that, there are almost always medical bills or funeral bills to take care of, and because the source of income is lost from the loss of the loved one, these bills can be even more difficult to take care of. Because of this, it is often necessary to file a lawsuit to recover lost wages, have the bills covered and be compensated for the loss of the loved one.

Losing a loved one or having him or her injured is always a difficult process. Seeking out help is the first step on the road to recovery.

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