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Product Liability Claims For Nuvaring Filed In Pennsylvania

When people in Pennsylvania began to see that they were being harmed by products that were supposed to help them or benefit their lives, lawsuits were filed. Personal injury is a serious issue with products, because so many of those products can cause issues that were unexpected.

It is the job of the company making those products to ensure that the products are safe, and when these companies do not provide truthful and complete information about the products, people can get injured.

This is the case with NuvaRing, which is a contraceptive device used by many women today. A recent personal injury lawsuit about the NuvaRing was filed because a woman ended up with a pulmonary embolism which she blamed on her use of the contraception.

NuvaRing was marketed as having a very low risk of side effects, but the lawsuit alleges that the risks are much higher than the company reported. Whether that is true or not will have to be a matter for the court, but it is important to have the issue investigated.

Any time there is a chance of personal injury from a product and the company making that product may not have been completely up front about the risks, it is only natural that people harmed by that product would want to see some type of compensation for their injuries. That is to be expected, and can help people who were harmed by any kind of product get back on their feet and take care of issues such as medical bills

Source: Pennsylvania Record, “NuvaRing products liability claim filed in Phila. federal court,” Jon Campisi, Nov. 21, 2012