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Worker Suffers Fatal Workplace Injuries From Landscaping Accident

Working with a wood chipper can be dangerous but normally workers who are using one are aware of any risks involved. Even when proper training is done and safety equipment is provided, injuries and accidents can occur in the workplace. Workplace Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia seek to understand the cause of the incident and if it could be prevented.

A landscaping accident occurred recently and involved a steel braided cable, which is normally used to pull tree limbs into a chipper, getting caught in the chipper. The cable sheared off and struck both men. One of the men, a 60-year-old worker, was killed while his 47-year-old co-worker was seriously injured. The injured worker was transported to the hospital and was reported to be in stable condition. How the cable became sheared is unknown and the Occupation Safety and Health Administration were called in to investigate the scene of the work accident.

Whenever a worker is killed or injured while on the job, it can be shocking and traumatic. Typically, the employers handle workplace injuries or deaths, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes either the employer or the insurance company may deny liability for some reason. When that is the case, either a personal injury or a wrongful death claim can be made. Assistance from a professional in the field may be helpful to work out a settlement.

A lawsuit can be brought against either the employer, insurance company or any other responsible party in order to secure a settlement and compensation for the workplace accident. Once the suit is brought, the settlement could occur quickly and the injured worker or the family of the lost loved one receives proper compensation for their losses, which could include lost wages.

Losing a loved one or having a loved one injured while he or she is working is a tragedy for any family. Seeking out assistance to deal with that loss is often the best way to be able to move on.

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