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Philadelphia Family Plagued By Hit And Runs

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare for their child to be involved in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident. For one Philadelphia dad, that nightmare recently came true, not just once, but twice.

The man’s 10-year old daughter was struck by a car as she was crossing a street in Fishtown Thursday. The young girl, who is an avid figure skater, suffered a broken leg and a facial injury when a white SUV plowed her over on the 2400 block of Memphis Street and then fled the scene.

In a tragic coincidence, the girl’s 14-year-old sister was struck in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident just two days later when she was walking on Cheltenham and Torresdale Avenue. Investigators say the second accident occurred around 8:30 p.m. Saturday and left the girl in critical condition with a ruptured spleen and broken ribs.

The second accident reportedly involved a white four-door vehicle with tinted windows. According to the girls’ father, the male driver of the vehicle got out of his car after striking the girl, looked at her, and then drove off. For that reason, the dad said, “I don’t know which one is worse.”

Police said they are currently investigating surveillance video that could lead them to the driver of the car that struck the 14-year-old, and they said detectives are acting on leads that could direct them to the driver of the SUV that struck the 10-year-old.

The family of the girls is hoping that the drivers are brought to justice so that they can have some closure as the girls focus on recovery. Anyone with information on either one of the hit-and-run accidents is asked to contact the Philadelphia Police.

Hit-and-run accidents are devastating because they leave the victims without any source of recovery for the damages they suffered. When hit-and-run are finally brought to justice, they could face criminal charges as well as personal injury lawsuits filed by the victims they hit.

Source: Philadelphia NBC, “2 Sisters Struck in Separate Hit-and-Runs: Police,” David Chang, March 11, 2013