Workplace Fatalities Down In Pennsylvania In 2011

According to new data from the Department of Labor, fatal workplace accidents decreased by 16 percent in Pennsylvania in 2011 compared to the year before. Overall, there were 186 workers killed on the job in the state during the year 2011, which was down from 221 fatalities in 2010. This is the most recent data […]

First Responders Say They Werent Equipped For Dangerous Chemicals

When a train car derailment resulted in a spill of dangerous chemicals into the air and waterways, first responders sought to protect surrounding individuals through evacuations and other safety measures. But those first responders, which included dozens of firefighters, now say they weren’t adequately equipped with the devices necessary to respond to the accident effectively. In […]

Near Philadelphia Workers Fighting For Compensation

In today’s world, even workers’ compensation is sold to the lowest bidder. When dealing with massive companies and the third parties that they hire, trying to figure out who is actually supposed to pay for a workers’ compensation settlement can make even a workers’ compensation settlement attorney’s head spin. Amazon recently opened a large warehouse […]

Set Asides No Longer Used For Workers Compensation Settlements

As many Philadelphia workers know, workers compensation can often be difficult to get, even when it’s completely deserved and there should not be any issues. Often times, just to get what is right, a workers’ compensation settlement may be the best course of action to ensure the necessary benefits are received. A recent case, however, […]

Pennsylvania Construction Worker Falls Off Ladder Drops 12 Feet

Philadelphia residents working in the construction business may view a recent accident in western Pennsylvania an instructive example of the dangers that exist on construction sites. A Philadelphia construction accident attorney is also a good resource for information regarding this sort of construction site accident. Not long ago, a male construction worker, who was considered […]

Safety Key To Controlling Workers Compensation Costs

Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system is supposed to protect workers by providing significant benefits to employees who are injured on the job. Unfortunately, the reality for many injured workers falls far from the ideal. Companies fund the state’s workers’ compensation system. Every time a claim is made, their costs go up. To keep costs down, many […]

Pennsylvania Firefighters Workers Compensation Law In Flux

Workers’ compensation is an area of the law that aims to protect workers by allowing them to be compensated for injuries sustained at work. The federal government offers its own workers’ compensation insurance, but each state has its own workers’ compensation insurance program. Workers’ compensation attorneys have been following the controversy over a new law […]

Construction Worker Killed By Concrete Barrier In Pennsylvania

Construction workers work in dangerous environments. Heavy machinery and moving objects make construction work zones a perilous place for workers, making them more vulnerable to injuries. Recently, a 29-year-old construction worker in Pennsylvania died from injuries he sustained after being struck by a concrete road barrier. The man was working on a highway improvement project […]

Court Denies Injured Workers Claim Due To Horseplay

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, designed to help workers when they are injured on the job. Employers are required by law to pay into the state workers’ compensation fund to make sure workers are protected. Unfortunately, both the workers’ compensation insurance companies and the employers they cover want to limit the amount of money […]