Family Seeks Justice After Philadelphia Fatal Car Accident

The children of a Philadelphia man who was recently killed in a suspected drunk driving accident are calling for justice. The motor vehicle accident occurred on the evening of Sept. 14 in Northeast Philadelphia and involved an off-duty police officer. Apparently, the 55-year-old accident victim was traveling down Ashburner Street, approaching a flashing red light, […]

Construction Worker Killed In Trench Collapse

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to work. Not only is there heavy equipment but other hazards are also often present such as elevated heights and trenches. If safety precautions aren’t strictly followed, workers can easily be injured or killed at construction sites. Earlier this week, a construction worker was killed in […]

Philadelphia Drivers Average Auto Accident Every Six Years

Car accidents are very common in the Philadelphia area, and a new report from Allstate suggests that poor driving skills could be partly to blame. According to Allstate’s “America’s Best Drivers Report” that was released late last month, Philadelphia drivers rank 188th out of 194 cities in the United States. The report claims that drivers […]

Penn State Faces Civil Lawsuits In Wake Of Sandusky Sex Crimes

The Penn State University scandal involving the sexual abuse of children by the one-time assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky could result in the school paying millions to settle personal injury lawsuits. So far, three civil lawsuits have been filed against Penn State, charging that the school was negligent by failing to protect the children on its premises. […]

Safety Inspections Lower Workplace Injury And Do Not Hurt Bottom Line

Many in the business community believe that government regulation of workplace safety inhibits the success of business and the creation of jobs. A recent study conducted by a professor from the Harvard Business School looked at whether workplace safety inspections conducted by the government reduce workplace injury and whether the inspections impact the profitability of […]

Bucks County Teen Staying Positive After Bus Crash

A Bucks County student is attempting to adapt to life in a wheelchair after a bus accident in February left his paralyzed from the chest down. The accident occurred in Boston and involved a busload of Philadelphia-area teens who had been on a tour at Harvard University. The accident occurred on Feb. 2 when the […]

Study Teens Together In Cars Results In More Accidents

Pennsylvania toughened its rules on teen drivers in December in an attempt to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents involving young motorists. Research studies have indicated that the presence of other young people in a car driven by a teen motorist may be one of the most common reasons that such accidents occur. The […]

Feds Crack Down On Charter Buses In Philadelphia

Charter bus accidents have been common in recent years, especially on the East Coast. In many cases, charter bus companies offer passengers discounted fares to travel from one large city to another, such as Philadelphia to New York. The problem is that some of these charter bus companies were found to be running negligent operations, […]